This collection is inspired by the concept of transcending the subconscious mind. The central concept involves integrating what is discovered in the unconscious into the conscious personality. I wanted to reflect this process of unfolding by creating various folds in my garments and using straps to achieve theses folds. With every look more of the true self is revealed and exposed.

The use and placement of the straps also plays into the idea of the struggle between the body and the subconscious portraying the challenging path of transcending. Hand printed cotton organdie represents the unconscious, the image creates an ethereal atmosphere.

Anthotype print process was used to create the print using photosensitive material from plants and fixed in salt water which relates to my concept as Buddhist monks believe cold water immersion is an integral part of self transcendence. Traditional pattern cutting is combined with zero waste pattern cutting and working on the stand to create asymmetrical silhouettes. I incorporated a lot of drape to try and reduce as much fabric waste in my patterns and used reclaimed Shaolin Buddhist robes predominantley for the fabric of this collection. I only used organic fabrics such as cottons, silks and reclaimed fabrics.