This collection is made entirely from GOTS certified organic bamboo jersey cotton, recycled cotton jersey and repurposed fabrics. Demonstrating my commitment to responsible design and a thoughtful creative process by transforming old, irreparable garments into purposeful products.

Unwanted pre consumer fabric destined for landfill is used to create new attire. Adhering to an ethos of zero waste, the material used has low impact on the environment. 

I incorporate recycled cotton fabrics to reduce my water footprint. About 3% of the world’s surface is used for cotton production. One of the major environmental impacts of the textile sector comes from cotton because of its extensive use of water during its cultivation, as well as in its production. 

Cotton fabric is hand dyed using the purest plant extracts from logwood sourced in England. Using natural mordants to fix the fabric before dyeing. Plant extract uses less water, salt and heavy metals than normal industry fabric dyes. Natural dyes are renewable because they are obtained from renewable sources so therefore less harmful to the environment and promote a circular system.