This collection consists of limited edition, handmade and hand dyed attire. Each piece is made from repurposed fabrics – pre and post consumer and recycled cottons. Reclaiming discarded sail cloth and car seat belts. Obtaining natural dyes from a sustainable and natural resource such as Woad and Indigo plant as well as Pomegranate and Logwood. The aim of this collection is to support a circular system and re use discarded fabric before it goes to landfill to give the fabric a longer life.

Committed to avoiding any chemical processes for dyeing by replacing the synthetic dyes that are currently applied in the textile industry which are pollutant and harmful for the environment with plant dyes. My dyeing process uses zero chemicals and fewer carbon emissions then chemical dyes as well as very low water usage.

I am committed to creating the best quality garments with the highest possible ethical standards and the lowest possible impact to the environment.