Supporting Transparency and the Zero Waste Movement

Specialising in sustainability through my process and practise through zero waste pattern cutting, repurposing existing garments, reclaiming fabrics and using Anthotype print methods. Constantly adapting my designs to be more responsible and conscious in my approach. Creating non-seasonal collections working towards a circular system.

The ethos of the brand ensures products are made and sold with minimal environmental impact – sourced as close to home as possible, while ensuring the highest quality. Repurposing fabrics that already exist is an approach to reduce waste but also confront the widely believed but often overlooked truism that newness doesn’t always equate to goodness. 

Committed to creating the best quality garments with the highest possible ethical standards and the lowest possible impact to the environment.

“Ultimately nothing can stack up to simply not making and consuming clothes, you can only be responsible and conscious in your approach”