Fully reclaimed & recycled collection that is made to order to support & contribute to a circular economy & support the material revolution. Discarded materials such as sail cloth and wetsuits are used to prevent them going straight to landfill. As these materials are made from plastic they do not biodegrade so by reusing them gives that material another lease of life. Every piece is designed, dyed & made by myself.

Adhering to an ethos of zero waste, the material used has low impact on the environment. I collaborated with my local yacht club (Royal Cork Yacht Club) who supplied me with discarded sail cloth, local outdoor adventure centres (Funky Town and Oysterhaven) as well as a nearby car demolition company who cut the seat belts from the cars before they were being demolished.

The ethos of the collection ensures all products are made and sold with minimal environmental impact and sourced locally. Continuing to strive for net zero carbon by ensuring sustainability is at the forefront while ensuring the highest quality.

This collection is limited stock but all products can be made to order. I make to the demand of the customer so there never is excess stock or in turn dead stock, working in a way to counter act over production.